About the Journal

Jurnal Kesehatan LLDikti Wilayah I (JUKES) is published by LLDikti Wilayah 1 SUMUT. Jurnal Kesehatan LLDIKTI Wilayah I (JUKES) is a six-monthly periodical publication, each issue contains a minimum of 5 articles. Articles submitted will be published every April and October. The mission of the Jurnal Kesehatan LLDikti Wilayah I (JUKES) is to disseminate various health information and discuss it through scientific written communication about health in Indonesia and even the world, both clinical health and social health. Thus, this journal is expected to be a medium of interaction for people who have an interest in the world of health, including health service organizations, health services, health offices, relevant government agencies, the drug industry, health insurance, health researchers and related sciences, teaching, scientists who interested in the application of science in the health sector.